6.5mm Wind Drift Formula

This video looks at the 6.5mm Wind Drift Formula and how it is used to account for wind deflection when Long Range Shooting with a rifle chambered in 6.5.

“Wind Drift Formulas” are often used by Long Range shooters to account for wind deflection if time is critical and they don’t have enough time to input data into a ballistic solver or consult their wind data cards.

Note: Wind Drift Formulas are not always 100% accurate but they are pretty darn close, usually within .1 or .2 Mil most of the time.

As such, they will get you close enough that if you do miss slightly, a followup shot can be observed and quickly made.

The 6.5mm Wind Drift Formula is commonly used in Europe where the 6.5 cartridges are very popular and shooter use m/s for wind speed.

However, it can be utilised for mph users also, there is just an additional step to the formula.

This video is a basic training package delivered using PowerPoint.

By the end of the lesson you will have an understanding of the 6.5mm Wind Drift Formula. its limitations, and of course how to use it to account for wind deflection.

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