MIL Dot Formula Calculator – Ranging and Measuring made EASY

Image of the Mil Dot Formula Calculator

Range Estimation is crucial when shooting long range. So…I made these basic Range and Target Size Estimation Tools using the MIL Dot formula (or variations thereof). These tools allow shooters to quickly calculate the Range to Target or the Target Size based on what they are seeing in their MIL reticle scope. Below the tools, … Read more

Matunas Optimal Game Weight Formula

Optimal Game Weight Formula Equation as Featured Image

Below is a basic calculator designed to run Matunas Optimal Game Weight Formula (OGW). Below the calculator are the instructions on how to use it, a video on the OGW formula and an article about OGW. [CP_CALCULATED_FIELDS id=”15″]   Optimal Game Weight Formula Calculator Instructions: Simply, enter the velocity of your projectile, the bullet weight … Read more

Optimal Bullet Velocity Formula (OGW Reversed)

Optimal Bullet Velocity Formula on Featured Image

On this page, you will find a basic calculator designed to run the Optimal Bullet Velocity Formula (OBV) which is basically Matunas Optimal Game Weight Formula but reversed. This is how I prefer to run the formula and I’ll explain why later. Below the calculator are the instructions on how to use it, a video … Read more

Density Altitude Charts for Long Range Shooting

Image of the Density Altitude Card

To shoot accurately at long range, you need to know what the environmental conditions are…specifically what the Density Altitude (DA) is because the DA is the true representation of what the bullet is flying through. Now, having a Kestrel is great and all, but for some people its just to much $$$ to lay down … Read more

What is the best chronograph for Long Range shooting?

Photo of a Labradar Chronograph

When I’m running Precision Rifle courses, my students often ask me what the best chronograph is for long range shooting. In this article, I’ll be discussing the types of chronographs available, the pro’s & con’s of each, and finally I’ll let you know which type (and brand) I consider to be the best chronograph available … Read more

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