Distance Converter – Convert Yards to Meters or Vice Versa


Simply enter the distance you want to convert and the converter will self populate with the adjusted distance.

This is a basic distance converter that will allow shooters to quickly convert distances from yards to meters or meters to yards if/when required.

If you are a Long Range Shooter, you’ll know that formulas and conversions are a way of life.

However, I’m trying to make life a little easier for everyone by providing calculators and converters that take care of all the math. ; )

Converting meters to yards or vice versa is a common conversion for shooters who are transitioning from MOA to MIL based scopes.

Although IMHO people need to stop thinking about MILS in terms of “meters” and “centimeters” and MOA as “yards” and inches, that is beside the point…

Folks can’t help themselves and so this distance converter is for their benefit (and anybody else wanting to make the conversion).

Below are the formulas used for “manual” conversions…just in case you want/need them…

Distance Conversion Formulas:

Below are the formulas used for “manual” conversions.

Yard to Meters Conversion:

Distance (y) x 0.9144 = Distance (m)

Meters to Yards Conversion:

Distance (m) x 1.0936 = Distance (y)

NOW…FYI, I’ve also put together a couple of Range Estimation Calculators. One for MIL reticle users and one for MOA reticle users.

To use the Range Estimation Calculator using the MIL Dot Formula click here.

To use the Range Estimation Calculator using the MOA Reticle Formula click here.

Now before you go, click here to take a look at our other resources.

Take it easy…


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