Manual Density Altitude Calculator

Density Altitude (DA) is an important metric in the shooting world and if you use DOPE cards that are referenced to Density Altitude (you should be…at the very least as a backup to your ballistic solver), then you’ll need to know what the current DA figure is.

Now, you can use a Kestrel or other weather station for this…but what if your fancy electronic device malfunctions or is damaged.

How can you calculate your Density Altitude?

Simple…use our DA Calculator.

Our DA card is available in an Imperial version (with the Altitude in feet and Temperature in °F) and in a Metric version (with the Altitude in meters and Temperature in °C).

The DA card comes in .pdf format so it can be easily “scaled” to the size you want in the “print setup” menu on your PC/device. Once you have printed it, laminate it to protect it from the weather and ensure it lasts longer.

Once downloaded, be sure to store the DA card in a safe place on your computer/device so that if the one you are using gets lost or damaged, you can simply reprint a new one and laminate it.

Click here to learn how to use the Density Altitude Card NOW.

All of the money received from each purchase goes directly into acquiring new gear for students to use during courses and to subsidise those shooters who otherwise could not afford to attend a training course…so thank you.


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