MOA to MIL Conversion Charts

If you’ve been in the Long Range Shooting game for a while, I’m sure you’ve had to master a bunch of conversions and formulas. You’ll also know that converting MOA to MILs is one of the more common conversions.

Although the conversion is done using basic math, it can be a PITA to do it “in the field”, especially under time pressure.

The best way to deal with conversion in these situations is to use a MOA to MIL conversion chart as a quick reference guide.

MOA to MIL Conversion Charts

As previously mentioned, MOA to MIL conversion charts are a handy tool to have. They are also easy to carry in your “field” data book.

To make things easier for you, I’ve created an MOA to MIL Conversion Chart and attached it below for your use.

If you plan to use them in the field, I recommend printing it on waterproof paper or laminating it. That way, you can use it in all weather conditions without it falling apart.

Having it in the field means you can spend more time shooting and less time doing the math! ; )

Also, when printing the PDF, simply adjust the “scale” size/percentage in the print menu to get a size that you are happy with.

Once downloaded, be sure to store the DA card in a safe place on your computer/device so that if the one you are using gets lost or damaged, you can simply reprint a new one and laminate it.

All of the money received from each purchase goes directly into acquiring new gear for students to use during courses and to subsidise those shooters who otherwise could not afford to attend a training course…so thank you.


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