Mildot Master Tutorial & Review

Accurate Range Estimation is critical when shooting Long Range and using the traditional ranging formulas for MIL or MOA reticles is time-consuming and can lead to errors which is where the Mildot Master comes in…


The above video is an in-depth look at what the Mildot Master (MDM) can do for you as a Long Range Shooter, and the video is rounded off with my final thoughts on the product. The Mildot Master is available as a Metric unit or an Imperial unit…which keeps everybody happy! ; ) If you are running short on time, you can get a brief outline/summary below…

What the Mildot Master does…

To successfully engage targets at Long Range accurate range estimation is paramount. If you incorrectly estimate your “range to target”, you will miss…that’s a FACT. As mentioned above, range estimation using the formulas for MIL or MOA reticles takes time which oftentimes…you don’t have. Thanks to the Mildot Master (produced by Mildot Enterprises), range estimation can be done “in the field” in seconds! But the Mildot Master isn’t a one-trick pony…range estimation is not all it is capable of. Here is a quick list of what you can do with either version of the Mildot Master:

  • Ranging & Measuring for Mil reticle users.
  • Ranging and Measuring for MOA reticle users (many folks are unaware of this).
  • Mil to MOA conversions and vice versa.
  • Angled Shooting – Scales the range based on the look angle.
  • Converts bullet drop from inches/centimetres into MOA or MILS.
  • Converts Inches into Centimetres and vice versa…
Mildot Master shown side by side with the authors Ruger Precision Rifle
The MDM is available in Metric or Imperial options. The Imperial version is pictured here alongside my Gen.2 RPR.

What the Mildot Master doesn’t do:

The Mildot Master doesn’t account for density altitude (the actual conditions that the bullet is flying through) but…it isn’t designed to so I can’t really fault it for this.

If you are using the MDM in conjunction with DOPE cards that account for density altitude (DA) then this “problem” (if you can call it that) isn’t really a problem.

When it comes to adjusting for angles, the Mildot Master uses the “Rifleman’s Rule” technique. Although this method will get you “close enough” (and is certainly better than not correcting for the angle at all), it isn’t perfect.

For example, at 800y and with a look angle of 20° (Cosine 0.94), the MDM/Rifleman’s Rule will give you a “scaled horizontal range” of 752y. The Enhanced Rifleman’s Rule (aka the Advanced Rifleman’s rule) will give you around 775y (as will a Ballistic Solver).

BUT…at the end of the day, unless you are hell-bent on precision, the MDM will get you “close enough”.

Pros and cons of the Mildot Master…

In all honesty, the Mildot Master really delivers… Here is a list of the Pro’s IMHO:

  • It works as advertised…
  • It is available in Imperial AND Metric options…
  • It’s not expensive…its less than $40 USD!
  • It’s designed for Military Applications and so is tough!
  • It will ALWAYS work…unlike electronic devices.

I can’t really fault the Mildot Master so…to drag up some con’s I have to be really picky!

  • The angled shooting solutions aren’t perfect…
  • It doesn’t account for DA…
Is the Mildot Master the right tool for every Long Range Shooter?

No…if you are a known distance shooter (F Class, or Benchrest for example), you are unlikely to need the Mildot Master. For EVERYONE else…this is one tool you should definitely have in your toolbox!

Final Thoughts…
Imperial version of the Mildot Master shown with the manual that comes with it.
The Mildot Master comes with a helpful manual which explains its use.

IMHO, unless you only ever shoot/compete in known distance events, as a Long Range Shooter you should definitely invest in the Mildot Master…it is worth every penny! I got mine from Amazon (many years ago) and I still use it almost every time I head out to the range with my long gun…although I now have both the Imperial Slide and the Metric Slide.

**I’m aware that this video is fairly long at about 30 minutes…HOWEVER, I believe this is the most in depth MILDOT MASTER video available, covering features that other reviewers either neglected to mention or didn’t know about.**

I hope you found either the video or this post helpful and informative… I’d love to get your feedback and/or opinions so be sure to leave a comment below.

Oh, and a share on social media would also be greatly appreciated ; )

Take it easy and happy plinking…


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