Rule of 9’s Wind Formula

This video looks at the Rule of 9’s Wind Drift Formula and how it is used to account for wind deflection when Long Range Shooting.

“Wind Formulas” are often used by Long Range shooters in “time-critical” situations where there simply isn’t time to use their ballistic solver or refer to wind data cards.

The Rule of 9’s Wind Drift Formula is one of the more common wind formulas.

There are others including (but not limited to):

– The BC Wind Drift Formula.
– The British Wind Drift Formula.

This video is a basic training package delivered using PowerPoint.

By the end of the lesson you will have an understanding of the Rule of 9’s Wind Drift Formula and how to use it to account for wind deflection.

This wind formula is ideal for folks who read the wind speed in mph and who use a scope that uses MIL adjustments.

Likewise, if your scope has a MIL reticle, you can apply the formula as a “hold”.

As with most wind formulas, it only requires basic level mathematics.

This is to ensure that calculations can be done on the fly (i.e. in your head if necessary) while “in the field”.

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