The Execution

Ok…so this is where my unique solution, and crucially, the support of the shooting community comes into play.

In order to ensure that the training is affordable for EVERY shooter within our community, I am handing control of pricing over to the individual students (and no…I haven’t lost my mind).

So how does that “pricing plan” work?

Simple…students have the option of paying either the “standard rate” or paying an amount of their choosing.

Why on earth would I choose to do this?

Basically, I want to achieve “the mission” and importantly, I want the shooting community to grow. 

I want to foster an environment where shooters help each other out by sharing ideas, knowledge, and their time…to develop and strengthen a “give you the shirt off my back” mentality.

So…to that end there are very simple two payment options for students…

1) The “Standard Rate” is mere $250 per day, per person.

This is considerably less than you would be required to pay to receive comparable training elsewhere within the firearms training sector. For example, you can pay anywhere from $350 to $500 per day (or more) with other training providers.

2) The “Pay What You Will” option gives students the option of paying MORE or LESS than the the “standard rate”. The choice is entirely theirs.

Why would anyone choose to pay MORE?

I believe there are many shooters within the community who would happily pay a little bit extra to help out a mate or another shooter (who honestly can’t afford to pay the full “standard rate” amount) just so they can lay beside one another on the firing line and absorb the same quality training.

That’s what it’s all about!

Can I contribute without attending a course?

Of course… 

If you are not interested in undertaking training yourself (perhaps because you are already a skilled rifleman, or are a manufacturer, wholesaler, or retailer within the industry) you can still help other shooters to achieve their shooting goals.

For instance, you can choose to make a financial donation, an equipment donation, or you can choose to make a contribution of your choice. 

If any of these alternative options appeal to you, simply contact me to discuss how you can to contribute.


Standard Rate

$ 250 Per Day
  • High Quality Training​
  • Fantastic Shooting Experience
  • Camaraderie

Pay What You Will

$ You Choose Per Day
  • High Quality Training​
  • Fantastic Shooting Experience
  • Camaraderie

So there you have it, that is the unique pricing solution that I hope will give ALL shooters in our community the opportunity to increase their skill level.

Obviously, this pricing system can be abused but I believe that the overwhelming majority of people in our community are good, honest people who would give the shirt from their back to help fellow shooters out.

All this needs to work is the support of YOU and the rest of the shooting community. 

Help me to achieve “The Mission” and ultimately, “The Vision”

Let’s support one another to create an entire community of highly competent rifle shooters!


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