The Mission

“The Mission is to provide high quality, affordable training to increase the baseline skill level of all rifle shooters within our community.”

So let’s break it down…

  1. High-quality training…this is where I come in. As a former Sniper and now as a firearms instructor, I’m here to help. My JOB is to make you a better shooter and to give you the knowledge to maintain your skillset.
  2. Affordable training…to make training with Skill At Arms affordable, my standard rate is much lower than other training providers. I’m here to help…not to get rich! In addition, I have decided to use a unique solution to ensure that training is affordable for EVERYONE…but I need your help with the execution.

The “Mission” seems simple enough to me…let’s take a look at how I plan to “Execute” the “Mission.”

Click here to read about “The Execution.”

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